Wet Feet Cave


Special thanks to Martin Davis a renown west coast caver who shared this long forgotten Bruce Peninsula cave location with us eager Ontario explorers. After some random driving around turned up some leads on the Bruce Peninsula we contacted our fellow caving community caver's and discovered that the area had been explored many years ago by Martin Davis. He was glad to share some info on the small caves and cave leads of the area and provided some original field notes and sketches he had made. Me and fellow caver Mick Gordon made the 4 hour one way trip and checked out the long forgotten cave and cave leads. Here are the pics of our journey off the beaten path into the pristine Bruce Peninsula landscape.



Wet Feet Cave Bruce Peninsula.

The entrance to Wet Feet Cave located on the Bruce Peninsula Ontario, Canada.
The small stream in the foreground sinks into the cave.

Wet Feet Cave Bruce Peninsula.

The very sharp and tight 45 degree angle passage.

Wet Feet Cave main passage.

A very tight and sharp almost walking height passage.

Small formations in Wet Feet Cave.

Some small formations.

Wet Feet Cave formations.

A close up of the formations.

Wet Feet Cave on the Bruce Peninsula.

Looking back through the standing and wet feet section on the cave, hence the name Wet Feet Cave.

Wet Feet Cave end of the road.

The end of the passage, or at least the end of the road for me. Martin did mention the that he had heard the sound of water cascading ahead, but the passage was dry when we were there and it looked tighter than I was willing to do. The amount of karst and height above a nearby body of water would hint at the possibility of larger passages to be found, its just a matter of getting into the larger system. Overall there is around 25 feet of passage of various shapes and sizes, a nice small Ontario cave.

Map of Wet Feet Cave.

The original field sketch of the cave compliments of Martin Davis.
The small stream enters from the left. The cave is interesting as it is shaped like a square.


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