Wasteland Waterway Cave

The newly discovered Wasteland Waterway Cave is located in Southern Ontario in the heart of Niagara farm country. During our cave searching outings we found two decent size streams that converge and then sink under this small scarp. Numerous other sinking streams and sinkholes show a possible path of the underground conduit. The passage is around 1.6 meters wide and .9 meters high to start. After around 50+ meters we encountered a karsts window. Beyond the window the passage becomes and easy dry crawl, then opens into a vadose canyon. The canyon becomes a nice zigzagging walking passage and continues for quite some distance. Numerous formation, rimstone dams and flowstone make the cave a nice find for this area of Ontario. The passage does continues beyond the last exploration, it appears to get shorter and possible becomes numerous passages, only time will tell . A prime example of the fact that there are more caves to be found in the Southern Ontario Niagara region.



The entrance to Wasteland Waterway Cave. In extreme flood conditions this passage
is filled to within inches of the cave ceiling.

Looking into the main entrance of the cave. Some very small formations on the ceiling.

Looking back at the entrance.

Mick further in the cave. More than enough room to turn around and come back out.


The more than ample height walking passage that is downstream
of the karst window.


A section with two levels. To the bottom right is the walking passage, the upper passage a slither.
The upper passage appears to tie back in with the lower after around five meters.


Some flowstone to spice things up.






The rimstone dam. Photo by Mick G



Some rimstone dams.


Mick looking at some flowstone and small rimstone dams.


This shot shows just how big some of the passage is.


The end of the road for today, but the passage continues.
The rock sliver that is hanging in the center of the pic is only connect to the right hand side of the cave.


The karst window that allows easy access to the cave. The cold breeze is enough to show a persons breath.