The Death Bell


A new Ontario cave is discovered while stumbling through the woods. Myself Greg W and Mick G were searching a cave rich area West of Toronto this long weekend when we stumbled across this interesting cave. Its always nice to explore a new find but this cave entrance seemed a bit special, the entrance appeared to open into a room sized chamber that was hinting at the passage that may be beyond. After some cave entrance housekeeping our equipment specialist Greg W rigged everything up and our fun began.
After our decent in to The Death Bell as we call it, it became apparent quickly that this cave had been the final resting place for many animals, it would appear that they ended up here in many different ways, some naturally and some not. Beyond the massive pile of bones from various animals there is a side passage that juts off the main bell shaped chamber. This side passage runs around 15 feet and is a comfortable 4 feet high. At the end is a very tight pinch point, with my arm extended with my camera I was able to get a hint of what a possible dig might uncover, ahead is a tight passage with some small formations. There was also a small draft from the passage beyond.
The main chamber is a very nice 15-20 foot diameter bell shape with the entrance at the top. The cable ladder provided easy access, although the climb out is a bit trickier. We gave it the name The Death Bell, it was given after some discussion and relates to the massive bone pile littering the floor of the cave.
A very nice find and directly related to sharing of information between us Ontario cavers. Thanks to everybody involved in the hunt.



Looking into Death Bell Cave in Ontario.

Looking in to the entrance of the cave called "The Death Bell". Greg W inside the cave.

The Death Bell Cave, Ontario.

Looking back out of the small entrance at the top of the bell shaped cave.

The Death Bell Cave.

Side passage, Death Bell Cave.

Greg W inspecting a small side passage at the bottom of the bone pile.

Death Bell Cave, Ontario Canada.

Old bottle of Javex cleaner.

Death Bell Cave, Ontario.

Greg W checking out a possible lead.

Death Bell Cave, Ontario.

Greg W pushing the end of the cave passage.

Death Bell Cave, Ontario.

A possible dig point.

Death Bell Cave, Ontario.

This photo shows the continuing passage after a pinch point just large enough for my arm to fit through.
A dig would possibly open up more passage.
The small red dot right side of the black void, an animals eye???

The Death Bell.

Some small formations in the side passage.

Ontario cave location.

Looking back towards the bell shaped main chamber.

Death Bell Cave.

The side passage from the bone pile.

The Death Bell Cave.

A good shot of the bone pile, photo by Mick G.

The exit of Death Bell Cave, Ontario.

The signs of life after the exploration of The Death Pit cave.
The welcome blue and green.

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