Skull Cave

I found this location a few years back but put it off because at first glance it looks like a dead end, well looks can be deceiving! Me and my caving partner Mick were in the area today and I suggested checking out this long overdue lead. At first glance one would suspect a talus boulder cave that would end after 10 or 15 feet. After squeezing in the initial 15 foot slither there is an abrupt left hand turn, there staring me in the face is what appears to be a walking passage, and my flashlight wont even light the end of the tunnel. After entering the main passage I discover that its more than comfortable to walk bent over in, the walking bent over passage continues for 15 feet all the while running uphill. The passage then splits in two, one passage to the left pinches off shortly, the one that heads straight continues as a 22 foot easy crawl. Some nice formations don the last 15 feet of the crawl passage. The passage ends at a boulder choke where debris has be dumped in the grike that feeds the cave. The cave takes a small spring thaw stream from the field above the cliff face. The cave itself is located in the face of the Niagara Escarpment between Hamilton and Niagara Falls, Ontario. The cave measure in around 55 feet in total length, with a good 15 feet of bent over walking passage. A pleasant surprise for an old lead and proof you never know what's around the next corner.



Map of Skull Cave Ontario, Canada.

Skull Cave in Ontario Canada.

Looking out of the entrance to Skull Cave in Ontario, Canada.

Skull Cave in Ontario Canada.

Small (currently dry) cascade at the start of the walking bent over passage.

Skull Cave main passage.

Size reference for main passage.

Split passage in Skull Cave Ontario, Canada.

Split passage at the end of the walking passage. Dead end to the left, 22 foot of easy crawl ahead.

Skull Cave main chamber.

Looking back towards the entrance.
The flashlight is 6 inches long. Main passage approximately 3 by 4.5 feet.

Skull Cave formations.

The start of the east 22 foot crawl passage.

Skull Cave Ontario, Canada.

Another one of Ontario's famous crawl passages.

Skull Cave Ontario Canada.

Skull Cave in Ontario.

Near the end of the road. Passage blocked by boulder choke below grike.

Skull Cave formations in Ontario.

Some nice flowstone and young formations.

Small Ontario Cave.

Looking back from the boulder choke. Foot for size reference of passage.

Entrance to Skull Cave.

Heading back out to reality. Another small Ontario Cave.