Sea caves of the Bruce Peninsula

The cliffs of Georgian Bay on the Bruce Peninsula are littered with sea caves of various sizes. The most famous being the Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park, the pool of water in the Grotto is a well known swimming hole, the water in the cave is illuminated with light from an underwater passage and makes for a good swim on a calm day.

Many many years of erosion from an ancient sea and the current active weather of Georgian Bay have created many sea caves all along the coast, any hiker will be rewarded for a good days hike along the coast. Below are few of the many sea caves.


The Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park.

Looking out from inside the Grotto at Bruce Peninsula National Park.

The pool inside the Grotto where the light shines in from an underwater passage.

A small sea cave near the Grotto.

A joint in the bedrock gives access to a small sea cave approximately 30 meters above the level of Georgian Bay.

The sea cave follows a joint into the cliff face.
The passage is 1.5 meters high, 4 wide and 7 deep.

The same sea cave looking inwards.

Another sea cave near the Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park.

The beautiful effects of water.

Another sea cave along the coast, it appears to go in around 15 meters.