Porillium Cave

The recently found Porillium Cave. Named for the trillium on top of the cave and the porcupine located inside the cave. Porcupine + Trillium = Porillium, It does not get any better than that. The cave is located in Ontario Canada on a spot well off the beaten path on the Bruce Peninsula. The passage leading off the back of the cave still has to be pushed to see where it goes.

Porillium cave in ontario canada.

The entrance of Porillium Cave.

porillium cave

Looking out of one of the two entrances of the cave.

porillium cave ontario.

Low flow in feeder passage.

porillium cave in ontario canada.

A pinch point then the tight passage beyond.

porillium cave on the bruce.

Humanable passage? Only time will tell.

porillium cave passage.

The what appears to be humanable passage beyond the pinch point.
Yet to be explored. Whats around the bend?

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