Milo Cave


Milo Cave in Ontario, Canada is named for a relative of a local land owner who directed us to the cave. Upon entering the cave we quickly came to a tight squeeze followed by a barrier of breakdown. Beyond the breakdown the passage does continue on for some distance, so on we went to the downstream end. Upon entering the bottom end of the cave, the passage opened up from a slither to a nice crawl passage. About 10 Meters in a grave/sand bar has blocked progress till another day, the passage appears to open up, but only some light digging will reveal that for sure. Mick G did spot a "somewhat" albino crayfish in the passage, possibly hinting at more dark passages to be found. A future trip to break open more passage is in the near future. Thanks as always to the local resident that passed on the info and location of this cave.



Milo Cave in Ontario, Canada.

The entrance to Milo Cave.

Milo Cave, Ontario.

Milo Cave.

A very tight squeeze.

Milo Cave.

The breakdown that stopped progress.

Milo Cave.

A shot after the break down.

Milo Cave, Ontario Canada.

Milo Cave.

Just inside the downstream entrance.

Milo Cave.

The gravel/sand bar that has stopped progress. It does appear that the passage opens up beyond
the gravel/sand bar. Digging is in store for the next trip to this small but interesting Ontario cave.

Milo Cave.

Little side nook.

Exit of Milo Cave in Ontario Canada.

The downstream entrance to the cave.

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