Marvin's Cave

Marvin's Cave was first discovered back in 1964 by NSS member B Burns. The cave was not fully explored until B Wison, M buck and possibly others mapped the cave in the early 1990s. The final map has yet to be prepared but the draft map is a wonder in itself and has loads of info for the intrepid explorer. We have changed the name of the cave to Marvin's Cave in realization that the original name of the cave would reveal the location of the cave, back in the early caving days it was common practice to name a cave for the city it was in or near, now due to land owner secrecy and privacy issues we prefer names that don't reflect the geographical location. This is why we have changed the name (for this web site) that was originally given to the cave by B Burns in the 1960s, by no means was it meant to take away from the hours of bushwhacking and back county searching that Mr Burns put in to find this hidden gem of a cave, with in the caving community the cave will always be known by the original name.

Even with directions it took us a few hours of knocking on doors to locate the land owner and get permission to explore the cave. The cave it self has a few 100 Meters of passage, some standing lots crawling. A nice waterfall and numerous pools of H2O add to the enjoyment of the cave. The cave is divided into an upper and lower cave with a pictures's little stream that divides the two sections.

One of the nicer Ontario caves to explore, hope you enjoy the pics. Feel free to contact me with comments or questions.

Mervyn Cave in Ontario.

A small spot of standing height passage.

Mervyn Cave Ontario

The reflection pool.

Mervyn Cave located in Ontario Canada.

Waterfall in Mervyn Cave.

The one Meter high waterfall in the upper cave.

Mervyn Cave Ontario.

The cold wet crawl passage beyond the waterfall.

Mervyn Cave.

Chamber in Mervyn Cave.

Another pool with a dry overflow passage entering on the right wall.

Mervyn Cave in Ontario.

Waterfall in Mervyn Cave.

M Gord beyond the waterfall.

Entrance point of Mervyn Cave in Ontario Canada.

The lower entrance of upper Marvin's Cave.

Upper and lower Mervyn Cave.

Lower entrance to Upper Marvin's Cave at right.
M Gord in Upper entrance to lower Marvin's Cave at left.
Confused? I am

Mervyn Cave tight passage.

Tight passage in Upper Marvin's Cave near the first sink point of the stream.

The path to Mervyn Cave in Ontario Canada.

The long walk out from Marvin's Cave.



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