Eramosa Karst Cleanup
October 2009

The Eramosa Karst cleanup was spearheaded by Marcus Buck and The Friends Of The Eramosa Karst. The Eramsoa Karst is a protected piece of land and is part of the Hamilton Regional Conservation Authority park system. These cleanups were initiated in an attempt to restore some of the cave entrances and karst features to their natural state.
Over the years rocks and debris from the farmers fields has choked the entrances and cave features. Because of that the surface water runoff is prevented from running underground in its natural state.
The volunteers spent hours removing rocks, debris and mud, restoring the grikes to their natural state.
Over time with the rocks, boulders and mud cleared from the grikes, the water will again flow in its original course.

If you want to learn more about the Eramosa Karst, please visit The Friends Of The Eramosa Karst website, at the highlighted link.


M. Buck, S. Ripley.


V. Erickson


V. Erickson, B. Gautreau, S. Ripley.


S. Buck. Photo by M. Buck.

S. Bell, R.Giulietti, V. Erickson. Photo by M. Buck.