Julia Cave


Here is a set of photos from perhaps one of the nicest caves I have ever seen in ontario. Right off the top I have to give Special thanks to the friendly landowners who gave us permission to explore this unique and rare Ontario cave.

I must admit that in the world of Gemology I have but little knowledge, but the beauty of this cave speaks for itself.
The cave itself has three entrances. The top and bottom chambers of the cave are accessible and are a good size. The passages between the top and bottom pinch off tightly and a pass through trip is not possible. The cave is full of crystals of various sizes and shapes, some littering the ground and others exposed from the eternity they have spent in solid rock. I have been informed that the cave itself has formed in Calcite.

Pleas enjoy the photos of this unique cave. But like all the caves on my site, locations are not given out.




Looking out one of the three entrances to Julia Cave.



The gem incrusted walls of the cave.







The steep angle of the upper chamber.



Some of the larger passages.









Small canyon in part of the lower chamber.



Mick Gord checking out a side passage.



Just a bit out of focus.




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