Cricket Cave


I first found this small cave entrance many years ago but did not investigate it beyond the entrance. Recently me and S Ensminger made a trip back to see if the passage continues beyond the initial sink point, to our cave pleasure the passage continues for a good 16 plus feet. In the spring a small stream runs through the cave and sinks into a small soil pipe at the end of the cave, or at least the end of the road for us. The entrance is just big enough to turn around once inside, then the passage pinches down to a comfortable slither. About 8 feet in the passage increases in height before the passage pinches off at the point where the stream sinks. The end of the cave is still a good 80 feet from the cliff face where the resurgence emerges through the breakdown. A line of breathing sinkholes and depressions line up with the cave entrance and the break down in the cliff face. The cave itself is located not far from Niagara Falls Ontario.

Map of Cricket Cave in Ontario Canada.

Cricket Cave in Ontario Canada.

The entrance to Cricket Cave.



Cricket Cave Ontario main passage.

The picture is deceiving, the passage is bigger than it looks.



Cricket Cave in Ontario.

A hard left hand turn and the passage opens up (a bit)



Cricket Cave Ontario.

Looking back towards the entrance.



The end of Cricket Cave in Ontario.

The height of the passage increases, but it ends in a pinch.



Inside entrance to Cricket Cave Ontario.

Looking out of the entrance of Cricket Cave. S Ensminger looking in.



Cricket Cave Ontario entrance.

Looking back into Cricket Cave.