Broken Rowboat Cave

Broken Rowboat Cave is located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Its located in the Bruce Peninsula near a small lake. Its named for the (well you guessed it) small broken rowboat located in the area. The cave itself is located in a small elevated section of land. The entrance is in the face of the small scarp. Even thought the entrance is tight, air flow was hinting at passage to be found. After a small and a bit tight of a slither, the passage intersects a nice easy passage that at one point is almost enough to stand up in. Some young and very small formations are present in the cave. A small side passage with good airflow was hinting at more passage to be found, although this will have to wait for another visit. Overall its a nice little cave with around 25 plus meters of passage, with more to be found.

The tight entrance to Broken Rowboat Cave.
Located in a small elevated scarp.

The larger inner passage. Flashlight is 6 inches.

Some very young formations.

The main passage. Around 700mm wide by 1m high.

An unexplored side passage with good airflow. A little tight, but a good lead for the next trip.