Bed of Glass Cave


Bed of Glass Cave is located in the vicinity of Lake Erie in Southern Ontario. A medium size stream sinks under a rock escarpment and reemerges as a spring approximately 800 feet away. A massive pile of farm debris has choked the entrance, but exploration had been around 15 feet down and 45 feet in. At the 45 foot mark the passage pinches down and exploration would be for only the truly non claustrophobic. With the level of the water table there probably is not too much passage to be found above the level of the water.


The entrance of Bed of Glass Cave. A tight squeeze between the ridge and garbage pile.

The large undercut of the escarpment face. A massive pile of farm debris is chocking the entrance.

Looking down under the deep undercut. Photo by M. Gord.

Looking up from below the undercut thru a car frame.

M Gord making sure the racoon we saw does not attack.

The passage pinches down, but does continue beyond this tire.
Photo by M Gord.