Classified Cave #4

Classified Cave #4 is located near the Grand River in Southern Ontario, Canada. I got a tip of the possible cave from a local caver witch lead to some online searching and questioning of a co-worker who lives in the area, and here we have another Ontario cave. The cave itself is located in a not so stable environment, parts of the cliff face have broken off, one piece of break off has an 8 foot section of cave located in it. The cave is currently around 12 feet long, not including the 8 feet in the broken off section. As well it appears there was more passage destroyed in previous collapses. Numerous formations don the cliff face in the area surrounding the cave, most where sections of the cliff face have give way. A nice find in a section of Ontario that one would not expect to find anything.

The entrance to Classified Cave #4.

The main chamber, more than big enough to turn around in.

The main chamber of the cave.

Some nice flow stone.

Looking out of the entrance.

On the cliff face beside the entrance.

Some formations in the cliff face below the main cave.

This large chunk has broken off with part of the cave.
You can see the original entrance in the bottom right hand corner.