Classified Cave #3

Classified Cave #3 is located in Southern Ontario in the vicinity of the Niagara Escarpment. This cave was brought to my attention a few years back by S. Ensminger. The main chamber has roughly 80 square meters of floor space, and has a few spots to stand up in. The cave is flooded most of the year and is best explored in the late summer dryness. Special thanks again to S. Ensminger and T. Maigret for the pictures and map.

The main entrance to Classified Cave #3
Note the tire rim in the upper left hand corner behind the small boulder for a size reference.
Photo by S. Ensminger.


The main entrance in winter. The cave enters to the undercut to the right.

Inside the main chamber. A small worn dam exposed during low water levels.
Photo by S. Ensminger.

Just inside the down stream entrance. The dot of light in the middle of the picture is the main entrance.
The dam is just in front of the ledge of rock.
Photo By S. Ensminger.

T. Maigret inside the main chamber.
Photo by S. Ensminger.

The downstream entrance to Classified Cave #3 During high water levels the cave is flooded.
Photo by S. Ensminger.

Little Classified Cave #3 is located a little downstream form the main cave.
And judging form the measurements only for the non claustrophobic.
Map by T. Maigret.